Damian Nasulicz, DDS

Specialty: implantology and highly aesthetic prosthetics

Damian Nasulicz, DDS. Founder of the Smile Together Foundation – Smile Together. In 2003, he graduated from Wrocław Medical University, obtaining the license to practice as a dentist. Since 2006, he has been involved in implant prosthetics with an emphasis on planning. In 2008, he made a significant contribution to the establishment of the European Center of Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry Prestige Dent, where he created an implantology team together with Eugeniusz Nosow, MD, PhD. By 2019, this team has implanted around 5,000 patients. At Prestige Dent, he is responsible for setting new directions for the development of dentistry, unique on a European scale - as the first in Poland, he became a member of the international IAOMT society in 2014, confirming his commitment to a holistic approach to the patient. Complementing the area of ​​soft skills, in order to improve communication, he completed postgraduate studies at the Warsaw University of Technology - Values ​​School of Mentors with the accreditation of Rob Kaiser, the co-creator of the 360° Versatile Leadership model. He is one of 8 Poles who can teach Daniel Ofman's Core Quadrant Quality model.

Since 2007, Damian Nasulicz has been actively using tools known under the common name of SIMPLANT, which are used both for diagnostics and for "almost impossible" procedures. He performed over a thousand case studies using the SIMPLANT family products. Currently, together with Agnieszka Boczkowska and Paulina Pokusa from the Dental Scan studio, he introduces other doctors and technicians to the world of digital dentistry through proprietary courses and workshops, still remaining fascinated by the enormity of opportunities it offers - finding ways to bypass the existing restrictions.

Moreover, by leading the All-On-Three research project together with Dr. Eugeniusz Nosow, Dr. Jakub Hadzik and Dr. Tomasz Marchut in partnership with Dentsply Sirona, he wants to introduce a safe and predictable protocol for the restoration of the full dental arch with a permanent prosthetic restoration supported only on three implants, giving Patients with strongly atrophic jaw bones hope to return to normal functioning.

Apart from implantology and implant prosthetics, his interest is also minimally invasive prosthetics (micro-invasive veneers, onlays, etc.), which gives incredible opportunities to improve the image through a beautiful smile. Nowadays he works with a fantastic team, which, in addition to Dr. Eugeniusz Nosow, consists of Dr. Julia Nosow (digital orthodontics), Dr. Joanna Dziok (sophisticated aesthetics, safe amalgam removal), other great doctors and wonderful assistants, hygienists and receptionists. He shares his knowledge both by conducting trainings and through numerous publications in the trade press (TPS, MT Stomatologia). Two of his published articles are in the book Dentistry, published in 2013 under the patronage of the Medical Tribune, another brochure prepared by TPS, summarizing the current knowledge about implant prosthetics, entitled IMPLANTS (published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Elamed publishing house). In 2018, he was invited by Dr. Tomasz Kercz to present his experiences in the e -Dentico quarterly in the "Masters of Dentistry" convention, and during the 1st Masters Conference, after an anonymous vote by doctors / conference participants, he was selected as its best lecturer.

Regardless of this, Damian Nasulicz keeps repeating that "pride walks before a fall" and that humility is the greatest value. Therefore, he is willing to describe his mistakes and complications in the hope that he will prevent other doctors from committing them.

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