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Purieu Safe System®

Purieu Safe System® is a series of devices and procedures that create a microbiological safety system or, in other words, a biosecurity system. The task of such a system is to limit the multiplication of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds in the air and on all surfaces, and thus to minimize the risk of infection and disease outbreaks.

Purieu Safe System® is currently the highest possible standard for preventing the Covid-19 epidemic in confined spaces. It is allergy friendly and neutralizes harmful smog.

Benefits of implementing Purieu Safe System®:

minimizing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses, including Sars-Cov-2
fresh air – such clean air cannot be provided by the best purifiers on the market, the system neutralizes smog that is harmful to health
less dust – reducing the amount of dust in the air creates an allergy-friendly place
electrostatic discharge – the system reduces the operation of electromagnetic smog by electrostatic discharge
safety – the system is completely safe for people and animals
maintenance of the facilities – thanks to the silver particles contained in the preparation, protective coatings on all surfaces are created
self-sufficiency – the procedures resulting from the operation of the system ensure higher safety than the standard disinfection of professional companies providing such services
no need to use a sanitary regime – the system mainly works "in the background"

The following devices operate under Purieu Safe System® at Nasulicz & Nosow Digital Dentistry Centre:
flow sterilizers UV-C - technology based on air circulation in a closed circuit, which under the influence of UV-C rays with a frequency of 254 nm is neutralized in the range of bacteria and viruses
UV-C lamps in the air handling unit – specialized systems for keeping the air handling unit in microbiological cleanliness; the forced air is always clean and free from fungi, mold and other microorganisms
UV-LED lamps in air conditioning specialized systems for keeping air-conditioning units microbiologically clean, the forced air passes through a microbiologically clean air-conditioning unit, where bacteria, fungi and molds often accumulate under standard conditions
PURIEU fogger – a professional device for generating the so-called dry fog at cyclical intervals, containing a preparation that keeps all surfaces in the clinic microbiologically clean
anti-virus films – self-cleaning ceramic microfiber films in places of frequent touch - handles, terminals, handrails.

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