Dental sevices at Nasulicz & Nosow Digital Dentistry Centre

  • Implantology

    Implantology is our domain. We combine knowledge, experience and precision with the technological development of dentistry to restore the natural smile of our Patients.

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  • Prosthetics

    Our goal is to restore a natural smile to our Patients.

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  • Aesthetic dentistry

    Aesthetic dentistry combines knowledge from various areas of dentistry.

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  • Orthodontics

    We will help you to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile along with modern methods of orthodontic treatment.

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  • Surgery and periodontics

    At Nasulicz i Nosow Stomatologia, we perform treatments in the field of dental surgery and periodontics.

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  • Diagnostics

    We have highly modern equipment of digital dental diagnostics.

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  • Conservative dentistry

    Conservative dentistry aims at treating and maintaining natural teeth.

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  • Prophylaxis

    Prophylaxis at our dental office not only unique treatments, but also caring for the oral cavity at home.

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  • Safe amalgam removal

    We remove old mercury-containing fillings in accordance with specialized safety procedures.

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