Implantology and implant prosthetics at Nasulicz & Nosow Digital Dentistry Centre

Implantology is our domain. We combine knowledge, experience and precision with the technological development of dentistry to restore the natural smile of our Patients.

Our successes in implantology are in fact the successes of our Patients. We can achieve them together thanks to our knowledge, many years of experience and the commitment of the entire team, in which our Patient is the central figure. Thanks to this, implantology has become the apple of our eye. At Nasulicz & Nosow Digital Dentistry Centre we have implantological solutions and systems which we have carefully selected from those available on the market.

We pay great attention to many years of scientific research that guarantees the safety and durability of the effects of the treatment. This is what the world-class Astra Tech™ system gives us, which as one of the few offers a lifetime guarantee, and moreover, they are stable, perfectly integrate with the human body and shorten the healing time. An implant is the best way to functional and aesthetical restoration of a lost tooth, but we go a step further by selecting the most proven implantological procedures. Each procedure is preceded by in-depth diagnostics based on a computer tomograph and, if necessary, specialized Simplant software. These are reliable tools thanks to which we can meticulously plan the procedure and treatment, and even predict and show the final result to the Patient before starting the therapy. At this point, the knowledge, experience and precision of the dentist are combined with the technological development of dentistry to restore the natural smile of our Patients.

What else does the Astra Tech™ system give us? Above all, implantological assistance all over the world - in every clinic with the Astra Tech™ label.

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